The Campaign

As we face a pivotal moment for water in the West, Oregon World Water Day is a nonpartisan public awareness and engagement campaign that builds on and localizes the United Nations annual World Water Day. Led by Oregon Environmental Council, our goal is to elevate the conversation around water statewide throughout the month of March. The 2019 campaign theme was:

What’s your water why? 

When you share your #MyWaterWhy with the world, you stand up for water and our future as a healthy and resilient state. Share why water matters to your life, livelihood and the world around us as we celebrate the spirit of World Water Day all year long. 


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2018 Impact

In 2018, Oregon Environmental Council partnered with Environment Oregon to launch the first statewide Oregon World Water Day campaign. The campaign successfully aligned policymakers, water advocates, municipalities and business leaders toward a common goal and message:

We are all part of Oregon’s water future.


Oregon World Water Day - How Will You Shape It?

150,000 impressions

34 organizations

22 community leaders

Events in Eugene, Salem, and Portland

Op-ed in The Oregonian