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Brenda Smith, Executive Director, High Desert Partnership

"Water is everything in the High Desert and agriculture is the life blood in our rural communities out here. I am in the business of seeking common ground and committed to bringing different perspectives to the table - all who share a love and concern for eastern Oregon to tackle some of our hardest water challenges.  ... More

Cally Hutson, University of Oregon student intern for the Oregon Water Futures Project

"I am invested in water justice because water cannot be separated from our social and political spheres. With family in Sri Lanka and as a student environmental organizer, I have learned that there is immense racism and injustice surrounding water, particularly in regards to access and impacts from natural disasters. It’s ... More

M Jackson, Ph.D., Geographer, Glaciologist, National Geographic Explorer

"Water is important because it makes visible the connections that run between all people and all environments. As a glaciologist, I see intimately how our planet’s glaciers are dissolving, but not disappearing. Rather, glaciers are reappearing transformed as water—water flowing into rivers and streams, water filling ... More

Antonio Salgado, Fish Biologist, Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife

"Here on the Oregon Coast, ecosystems have evolved around lots of flowing water. Our forests depend on rain to thrive, and our aquatic and land wildlife depend on these forests to survive and thrive as well. Water is the connection between everything. The students I work with are keenly aware of this reality as they ... More

Kavita Heyn, Climate Science & Adaptation Program Manager, Portland Water Bureau

“Water is the canary in the coal mine for climate change, and drinking water systems are on the frontlines of trying to understand and prepare for a warmer future. I’m committed to helping make Portland’s water system as climate-resilient as possible. While climate change is a complex and rapidly-evolving risk, we can ... More

Gail Snyder, Executive Director, Coalition for the Deschutes

“Community for me includes our rivers, and all of the creatures that live here with us and call this place home. From insects to otters and osprey, from kayakers to carrot seed farmers, our lives are interwoven. We must take care of each other. I believe that it’s time for us to adopt an ethic not just of sustainab... More

Roy Iwai, Water Quality Program, Multnomah County

"I love urban streams. They are often overlooked as great habitat for native fish, including salmon and trout species. The reality is that every stream still has native fishes, and nearly all have trout. Many still have salmon, too. They are surviving. We can help them thrive!"   What's your water why? Help ... More

Alaí Reyes-Santos, Associate Professor of Ethnic Studies, University of Oregon

"As an educator, I imagine with others water futures that include us all; that do not privilege some over others like in Octavia Butler’s novel Parable of the Sword. As an iyalocha, a tradition keeper of Afro-Caribbean spirituality, I pray every day that we all remember our interdependence with water. I thank these ... More

Fawn Bergen, Global Water Stewardship Program Manager, Intel Corporation

"At Intel, we strive to be a positive part of the communities where we operate. Water is of critical importance to our communities and our business. That is why we’ve been investing in innovative conservation efforts for decades. Our three main objectives are conserve water we use in our operations, collaborate on ... More

Queta González, Director, Center for Diversity & the Environment

"The late scientist Loren Eiseley said, “If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.” I love this quote because while water is a practical need, there is also something personal about it, integral. Rivers have brought magic into my life. If I’m in balance, I can hear and see what the river is ... More