Antonio Salgado, Fish Biologist, Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife

“Here on the Oregon Coast, ecosystems have evolved around lots of flowing water. Our forests depend on rain to thrive, and our aquatic and land wildlife depend on these forests to survive and thrive as well.

Antonio Salgado, Salmon and Trout Enhancement Program (STEP), ODFW
Fish Biologist in the Charleston Field Office

Water is the connection between everything. The students I work with are keenly aware of this reality as they study the essential symbiotic relationship between salmon and healthy forests. To return to their spawning grounds, adult salmon rely on the clean, cold, flowing water provided by trees that shade and filter water into our creeks, rivers and natural lakes. After spawning new life and dying, the same salmon give back valuable nutrients to the trees that will provide for the next generation of young salmon as they grow in Oregon’s rivers and migrate to the ocean to continue a lifecycle that has perpetuated itself for millennia.

I believe it is really important to understand these connections and share them with our children to impart good stewardship of our land and our responsibility to see these kinds of organisms and their relationships far into the future. Life on this planet is not possible without it.”


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