Serena Dietrich, Sustainability Project Manager, Deschutes Brewery

“Our world would not exist without water, yet it is one resource that can easily be taken for granted. I am fortunate enough to live in an area where fresh, clean water is available and can be used for everyday events like drinking, plumbing, irrigation, recreation, and cooking. I also work for a company that depends on water as the main ingredient for its products – BEER!

Deschutes Brewery is named after the local river that our production facility sits near today. We spend a great deal of time as a company working to preserve our local waterways, and share that journey with our fans. Oregon is truly our Pacific Wonderland for those that are privileged enough to experience it. Let’s keep that privilege available to others for centuries to come; we all need to do our part…and there is no better time than now, cause we can’t click undo.”