Willie Levenson, Ringleader, Human Access Project

Willie Levenson, Ringleader, Human Access Project

“I love water.

Water brings out the best in people. It connects us.

A hot summer day, and a cool immersing plunge. Splash, cascade, ripple and plunk. Water is my happy place.

I love how the sun interacts with water. Hypnotic shimmering sparkles on its surface, and its corresponding refracted projection. Always different, its bouncing dance is an ancient, welcoming, and dreamy invitation, imprinted on our souls.

I love the unearthly rules of water. Being buoyant and weightless, daring us to jump off something high, fall through the air, and without consequence, creating a splash.

My first love is rivers and that fresh, soft feeling on your skin after a day of plopping in, laying around, drying off and plopping in again. Plop, dry, repeat.

I love being immersed in the home of wildlife and the feeling of connectedness, which can often be lost in the land of streets and sidewalks”